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White Sand and Stone

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy sand and sandtrays in Hong Kong?

You can order treated sand from large toy stores in Hong Kong. Another option is to look for places which offer treated sand to kindergartens. Do not use sand which feel like grinded rocks, particularly those with bleached white color. It is important that sand look like and feel like natural sand. We order sand from a company named Mothercare Online Shop. Price is HK$60 per 10 kg. We need approximately 15 kg for each tray. As for sandtrays, if you prefer to make them yourself, please refer to the set-up section. You can also order them through furniture stores. We order them through Ngai Shing Furniture in Shum Shui Po (Tel: 2386-1135). For each set costs about HK$1,600 (depending on the type of wood you choose). Note: HKSTA has no connection with the above companies.

Where can I find sandplay miniatures?

There are a good selection of miniatures in many toy stores or stores for building models in Mongkok, Wanchai, and Shamshuipo. “Golden Fish” Street (Tung Choi Street) is a good place to get aquatic plants, corals, bridges, stones; sometimes you can even find beautiful mermaids there. Night markets, bazaars, souvenir stores for tourists also provide many choices. Online stores are another important source. Below are places we have ordered miniatures from. Again we do not have any connection with them.

Are there any Certified Sandplay Therapist I can work with in Hong Kong?

There are currently seven Certified Sandplay Therapists in Hong Kong:

Chan Shook Yim, Sally, CST           Tel: 2713-9174

Cheung Yee Ping, Chris CST      WApp: 5368-2056                      

Chow Suk Yee, Carol, CST             Tel: 2311-2512
Alexander Esterhuyzen, CST-TM   Tel: 2311-2512
Kwok Kar Kin, George, CST-T
M     Tel: 5499-7707
Leung Wai Yin, Amy, CST-TM        Tel: 2311-2512
Wong Wei Kwan, Adelina, CST-TM Tel: 7516-4164


CST = Certified Sandplay Therapist, TM = Teaching Member

How do I know the training workshop offered is accredited?

Only teaching members of International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) can offer accredited training. If the training is accredited, the organizers should state that clearly in their workshop information.


HKSTA organises accredited trainings by local and overseas ISST teaching members cater for different level of expertise and experiences in Sandplay.

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