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1. 5Ws in Sandplay Therapy Training

This course aims to provide the practical considerations and guidelines for mental health professionals who are at the beginning stage in using sandplay. 

We will be answering the five Ws fundamental questions such as "What are the therapeutic goals of Sandplay Therapy?"; “Who is it for?”; “When to offer to clients?”; "Where to start in understanding the client’s trays?”; “Why is the sensory experience in touch with dry and wet sand and the creation of mini-sandtray important?”. 

Presenters: Ruby Mui, Berenice Lee

Dates:  3/1, 10/1, 17/1, 31/1, 7/2 & 14/2, 2023 (6 classes)

              19/2/2023  Experiential Fun Day

2. Manifestation of the Self: Mandala in Sandplay

This six-hour seminar is intended to familiarize students with Jung’s concept of the Self and apply it to the psychotherapy process of individual patients. In particular, the symbol of the mandala will be presented as a Self symbol from several cultural perspectives, illustrating both the personal and archetypal significance of this image.  Utilizing case material, students will learn how to discern images which represent the Self archetype.  The mandala symbol may arise in a sandplay process as a unifying symbolic element when a patient is struggling to contain or find a relationship to opposites or opposing emotional experiences.  Jung's concept of the transcendent function, the use of a symbol which facilitates a transition from one psychological attitude or condition to another, will be applied to case material as an example of the development of a more flexible and resilient ego. The role of sandplay therapy, a non-verbal and non-intrusive modality, will be discussed as a means of expressing and amplifying unconscious material. Participants will have an opportunity to create Self- images to help them integrate these concepts and apply them to clinical material. Case material will be presented, one child case, one adult case, to further amplify the depth of the mandala symbol and creation in sandplay process.

Presenter: Jill Kaplan

Dates: 6/7, 13/7, 2023 (2 classes)

3. Encountering Death in Sandplay and Drawings

This workshop will help students to know more about Jungian method of spontaneous creative work, the process of bereavement therapy for complicated grief and the bodily involvement of the grieving process. The webinar will touch upon the Jungian approach of imagery making and how to use sandplay as a container for the bereaved survivors to express their deep emotions. Ms. Adelina Wong will present 2 cases, both of which are female adults to illustrate their grieving process including dis-enfranchised grief for the sudden death of a loved one.

Presenter: Ms Adelina Wong

Dates:  23/11, 30/11, 2023 (2 classes)

2022 Training

1. The Sandplay Process: Stages, Themes, Symbols

  • April-May 2022 (4 on-line classes)

  • Ms. Lenore F Steinhardt

2. Psychological aspects of Migration as a Specific Form of Trauma with Case Illustration of Sandplay Therapy (Children and Adults)
  • July 2022 (2 on-line classes)

  • Ms. Maria Kendler

2021 Training

1. The Five Ws, Part II in Sandplay Therapy Training

  • March 2021 (4 on-line classes)

  • Dr. Ruby Mui Kam Seung,

  • Ms. Berenice Lee Earn Ee

  • Ms. Teresa Kwok Sau Ling

2. Individuation in Sandplay Therapy
  • June-July 2021 (6 on-line classes)

  • Leung Wai Yin, Amy, Ph.D.

3. Introduction to Sandplay Therapy
  • Oct 2021 (4 on-line classes + 1 Experiential day)Mr. George Kwok Kar Kin

2020 Training

1. Case Colloquia on Sandplay and Dreams

  • June to July 2020 (6 classes)

  • Dr. Alex Esterhuyzen

2. The Five Ws in Sandplay Therapy Training
  • September 2020 (3 on-line classes)

  • Dr. Ruby Mui Kam Seung and

  • Ms. Berenice Lee Earn Ee

3. Sandplay Therapy: Imagination at Work
  • November-December 2020 (6 on-line classes)

  • Leung Wai Yin, Amy, Ph.D.

Past Training

In the past, HKSTA has invited a number of local and international renowned and experienced Jungian Sandplay therapists to share their professional experiences for those who seek to know and understand Sandplay therapy.

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