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Membership categories

There are four (4) categories of membership in this organization:

  • Certified Sandplay Therapist – Teacher (CST-T)

  • Certified Sandplay Therapist (CST)

  • Associate Member

  • Affiliate Member

Certified Sandplay Therapist-Teacher (CST-T)


Teaching Members of HKSTA have obtained the status of CST-T membership of ISST.

Certified Sandplay Therapist (CST)


CST members have obtained the status of membership of ISST.

Associate Member

This category is intended for individuals who intend to work towards CST membership.

Pre-qualifications to become an associate member

  1. Graduate degree from an accredited university in a mental health profession such as psychiatry, psychology, and social work; and

  2. At least two years of clinical experience after graduation or receiving the license to practice in own profession.


Requirements to become an Associate Member

  1. Completed at least 50 hours of recognized sandplay training program; and

  2. Is in the process of completing a personal therapeutic sandplay process with a certified ISST member (Amended March 2023); and

  3. Is in the process of completing the required hours of consultation/supervision, individually or in groups with a certified ISST teaching member, on his/her work with clients who engage in sandplay on a regular basis.

Affiliate Member

This category includes licensed mental health professionals and students of mental health accredited programs who are interested in attending HKSTA activities.

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